Dr Jo Jones, Private Consultant Paediatrician

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Why me?

We're always concerned about our children's health and wellbeing, sometimes because there is a particular problem – at other times because we want peace of mind that our child is healthy, happy and able to achieve their best.

As parents, you want to make sure that your children receive the best care and treatment when they are unwell, unhappy or struggling. The NHS can't always provide the help or reassurance that you need when you need it. Consultations can often be rushed and there are long waiting lists for some issues and experts. A private Consultant Paediatrician is one option. I can provide all the help and expertise you need, quickly, flexibly and in relaxed surroundings.

I'm an experienced doctor for children and young people, specialising in their particular needs and issues. Whatever your concerns, I'll try to fit around you. I offer flexible, timely, private consultations in and around Warwickshire, including in your home. I'm able to advise on and treat all aspects of your child's health, development and wellbeing.

These are the ways I can help:

My consultations are child–centred, sensitive, and friendly, and I aim to help find the cause of any problem as well as treating the symptoms. It's so important to take the time to explain what's happening, so that your child's symptoms make sense to both you and them, and so that you feel fully informed about what's going on. I'll always give you time to talk and feel listened to.

I'll also provide you with a detailed written note of everything we've discussed, because after a consultation, people can sometimes find it difficult to remember exactly what was said.